Our Values

Our values help us be the best version of ourselves, and help attract others with a similar views.

Positive Intent Icon

Positive Intent

We are in business, but our thoughts and actions are founded on goodwill and generosity. We are strong advocates of paying it forward and look at developing long term relationships rather than achieving short term wins.

Everyone Wins Icon

Everyone Wins

We recognise that we have scope to influence certain outcomes in each process we are involved in, but we always seek positive outcomes for each stakeholder.

Be An Owner Icon

Be An Owner

We own the outcome and act with intelligent autonomy.

Be Your Word Icon

Be Your Word

We deliver on our commitments. What we say we do. We believe in open, honest communications with both candidates, clients and colleagues. You can’t make an ommlette without breaking any eggs, so this might mean telling something they don’t want to hear, but it also means empowering them to make truly informed decisions.

Phone icon- Heriot Brown

Pick Up The Phone First

We prefer action to inaction. Given the option of spending a few hours doing online research or calling someone who knows, we always pick up the phone.

Best Version Icon - Heriot Brown

Best Version

We challenge ourselves and each other to grow.